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Eastgate Dental Laboratory


            We are Eastgate. We have moved.
            From 28th April 2014 we will be working from our fabulous new lab
            at the Pembrokeshire Science and Technology Park,
            Pembroke Dock  SA72 6UN.

            (Near the Cleddau Bridge toll booths).

            We are not your average dental laboratory.
            We are much better than that. 
            What do we do? Quite simply, we make teeth.
            And we are passionate about it.

            Have a look around the website. 
            It's not full of science or statistics, but it
            does tell you simply what we can do for you, 
            whether you are a dental surgeon or a patient. 

            And if you need more information,
            ring us or email us. We always answer.
            Except for the first two weeks of August,
            when we will be closed for our holidays. Hurray.